In order to maintain your 'fresh out the box' body you have to dump out everything you have been taught about training and start all over.  There may have been some things that were positive but if there is one thing off, it could jeparadize the entire process.  

I am now 45 years old and have had to dump out everything and rebuild my body from the ground-up.  I can tell you after working with thousands and thousands of athletes, building your body from the ground-up is the best way to go.  

Here are the exact exercises and and format to build your body from the ground-up.

1.  SLED (Backwards, Push-Pul)

2.  Calf (Slant Calf Stretch, Seated, Standing)

3.  Tibialis (Tib bar, Wall Tib)

4.  Knee (ATG Split Squat, Slant Squat, Nordic)'

5.  Posterior (DB Seatred GM, SL Pike Pulse, Standing Pancake)

6.  Hip Flexors/Groin (L-Sit, Cable Reverse Squat, Couch Stretch)

7.  Spine ( DB Pullover, Back Extension, Jefferson Curl)

8.  Press (Full ROM Pushup, Incline DB Press, Shoulder Press)

9.  Pull (Row, Face Pulls, Band Pullapart, Pull-up)

10. Posture ( External Rotation, Powell Raise, Trap-3 Raise)

11.  Grip ( Grippers, Hang, pinch grip)

These are the exact exercises to master to build your body from the ground-up. If you want to learn more about how to do these exact exercises and train your body for longevity, look into joining my SKool community as we handle the body, mind, and environment to create the body you desire.

If you want to follow my exact longevity program you can use the code; ATG50 at atgonlinecoaching.com


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