The Power of Voodoo

A therapy that is not widely known but has done miracles for me and many other 1nf1n1ty athletes is called Flossing.

The benefits of Flossing are numerous and have immediate and magical results. In many places in the world this practice is called VOODOO!

Knee pain and discomfort is an epidemic in our modern sports society, due to many factors.

Unfortunately I went my entire playing career without this knowledge and played years and years with less than adequate knee health. Before embarking on the 1nf1n1ty Lifestyle I was plagued with severe knee tendinitis (jumpers knee) for 3 years straight.

Knee Flossing has been a major contributor to my current level of health and fitness.

Today I have zero pain anywhere in my body, my knees feel better than ever and don’t even require warming up before competition, and I’m able to run, jump, and play intensively for hours, and wake up the following day ready to do it all over again.

Here is a list of benefits you can expect from Flossing....

  1. Increased cellular communication for rapid healing and speedy recovery
  2. Boost blood flow and oxygen
  3. Improves elasticity
  4. Breaks down scar tissue
  5. Enhances mobility and range of motion
  6. Reduces inflammation
  7. Improves overall athleticism and performance

VOODOO Knee Flossing should be done by those that have had knee problems in the past, those with any knee tendinitis or inflammation, or athletes looking for an extra edge and boost in performance. Flossing should be done prior to exercise or competition for maximum benefits.

Floss Bands were the first product sold on This product has done wonders for me and I feel obligated to share and spread the information.

Get a jump on the world and experience VOODOO for yourself.

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